My journey with tarot started in my early teens, in a time before the internet as we know it. In those days of dialup modems and AOL on CD, our version of Amazon.com was paper catalogues. One afternoon, flipping through the pages of the most recent addition to our library, I found a listing for a deck of tarot cards and a how-to book. I was fascinated by the pictures and the thought of telling the future, so I begged my mother to buy them for me. As I was only 12, my purchasing power relied entirely on the bank of Mom and Dad. Surprised, and clearly concerned, my mother made a compromise: I was to write a 2-page essay on how tarot is just for fun. Something stirred within me and by the end of the night, I printed out my 2-page masterpiece. Nothing was going to stand in my way.

Today I look back on that memory, that genuine, inquisitive boy, and smile. In that moment, I listened to that voice inside me, my intuition, even though I didnā€™t know it then. I trusted that knowing and followed through.

Tarot has been a part of my life ever since. It has lead me through some incredible times in my life and introduced me to some amazing people I am honored to call my friends. I have since completed a bachelors degree in Biological Anthropology, achieved my certification as a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader, and plan to complete my masters degree in Social Work in 2021.