Gus’s readings have helped me feel empowered to make some of the most important decisions of my life with confidence and self-authority. Whether it has been considering a job change or a cross-country move, I truly credit him with helping me find my own answers to these questions with grace, clarity and a sense of humor. I am so grateful for his readings and highly, highly recommend him to anyone seeking guidance and direction in their lives. Gus is the real deal!
— Kathryn, New York City
Atlas Readings provides me space to sort through my feelings and talk without being judged. It’s powerful to have honest conversations with myself and see those thoughts reflected in the cards.
— Cassandra, New Jersey

Thank you so much for your excellent detailed reading. Your words have truly helped and I must say this is probably the best reading I have had. Thank you for giving me that guidance in the paths I am taking.
— Julia, Australia