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Atlas Readings LLC


Connect with your inner compass, create change, and craft your ideal future.


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Readings are a one-on-one transformative experience. I am here to hold space that is free from judgement and full of support. The client dictates the focus for each reading.

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Do you live in the Northern New Jersey area? Would you like to work in person? Schedule an in-person reading to start creating change from the comfort of your own home.

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Owner of Atlas Readings LLC



Atlas Readings LLC is a culmination of my 15 years of tarot experience and my desire to help people succeed. My personal journey has exposed me to the truth that we can accomplish anything. Understanding that we have the authority of personal choice gives us the power to create whatever we want. The future is ours to create and I want to help you craft your ideal future.


Experience an Atlas Reading

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but in the age of social media and the illusion of overnight transformation, taking that first step feels like a herculean task. In reality, reaching your goals takes work, it takes endurance, and it takes courage. The secret is that you already have those virtues inside you.

Together we will identify goals, assess challenges, discuss positive influences and what may be holding you back, and highlight powerful choices that will help you progress towards your goals. These choices, the steps on your journey, vary from large hops to baby-steps, but these steps are yours and yours alone to take. Change happens within you and you hold all the power you need to create it.

A session with Atlas Readings is a conversation, so be prepared to talk! You are the focus and your input is paramount to the process. One key to co-creating a session is asking powerful questions. These types of questions put you in the seat of authority and give you the opportunity for creating change. Together, we will transform your questions into powerful ones, have deep and meaningful conversations, and you will set yourself up for positive change.

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